- Do you struggle with communication?

- Do you have difficulty resolving differences about finances, sex, money, children, and more?

- Do you have repeated conflicts and tension and feel like there is no way out?

- Do you struggle to feel close and connected?

- Is technology and busyness getting in the way of the closeness you once had?

- Have you fallen out of love?

- Are you having trouble having the romance and fun you used to have?

- Do you feel lost and unsure as to what to do to fix things or get your love back?


If you answered “Yes” to any or all of these questions, then a Driving Lessons For Marriage

Workshop is perfect for you!  Please sign up today!


Join Jim R. Jacobs for this inspiring and cost-effective marriage workshop where you will learn practical and meaningful skills to improve and enrich your marriage.  Jim R. Jacobs has over 20 years of experience helping couples and families get the love they want, learn the skills to make things better, and do it in a fun and enjoyable way.  You will learn: how to improve closeness and intimacy, how to resolve problems respectfully and quickly, how to build a foundation for a stronger and closer love; improve marital intimacy, increase unity, and have more fun.  Practical suggestions offered in a quick, fun, and affordable way.


Now marriage workshops are accessible and affordable for all. A marriage retreat would cost you over $500 plus hotel, food, and transportation. Jim is offering a one-night workshop to make these principles available to all. Now the marriage enrichment you need is within your reach.  This is an incredible deal that is cheaper than the cost of dinner and a movie and worth 10x this price!  Sign up now!


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"I wish I had heard this decades ago!  Jim is a wealth of experience and he helped clear up many things about families, parenting, and marriage relationships that are often not fully understood.  It was very applicable!


"His energy and passion for strong marriages and family was inspiring!"


"This workshop was so good!  Incredible really!  Jim has also been so attentive with our follow up questions!  He has changed our life!"


"The workshop was fantastic!  So helpful and practical! We left feeling strengthened, empowered, and hopeful!"


"Jim shared lots of practical ideas for marriage and family.  We felt validated in some things we have been doing and excited to try some new approaches!"