"Driving Lessons if full of inspiring, humorous, and thought provoking stories that will absolutely change your life!"


— Barbara Murray, MSW, LCSW, Author of Taking Back Parenting



“I have had the wonderful opportunity to hear and participate in presentations by Jim R. Jacobs. These have been extremely engaging, entertaining, and useful. He is able to quickly involve an audience and have them participate and learn throughout. He is masterful.”


— Mark Tandberg, MSW, Church Leader, Brighton, Colorado



"Driving Lessons is a fun ride!  It is wonderful to receive great reminders to help you to become a better you and live better.  If you want to get farther down the road of life and be full of joy doing it, pick up a copy today."


— Brett Dupree author of Joyous Expansion: Unleashing

Your Passions to Lead an Inspired Life



"Jim Jacobs is a talented behavioral scientist and therapist who has the incredible ability to distill theory and thought into practical application”


— James T. Skeen- MS, LPC, Community Counselor, Loveland, Colorado



"Let Jim R. Jacobs be your personal driving instructor.  He knows how to take you down the road of life and help you to find more joy, more happiness, and more success"


— Carol Paul, author of Team Clean: The Ultimate

Family Clean-Up-The-House Formula



“In this world of road rage, all of us can use some Driving Lessons.  Jim reminds us of what is important in life, and artfully inspires us to change”


— James K Lehman, CPA, SPHR, author of Maneuvering Your Career – Taking

Charge of Your Future, Owning Your Job, and Achieving Your Dreams



“I’ve listened in wonder to Jim Jacobs teach. He is informed, energetic and engaging. His counsel has produced results in the lives of those who’ve followed it. I hope he writes a dozen more books like this one.”

— Mark McConkie, Ph.D., Church Leader



"Jim Jacobs masterfully draws parallels between daily driving and life's challenges as he relates his varied experiences and sage advice in his book Driving Lessons. Great lessons for everyone in any situation."


— Dr. Levi Murray, author of Succeeding by Choice



"As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I am pleased to recommend Jim R. Jacobs as an awesome speaker and author. His topics and presentations are always inspiring to individuals, couples, and families!"


— Cameron R. Lorenc MA, LMFT, author of

Change Your Mind – Change Your Life!  44 Keys to a Happier, Healthier Family



“Driving Lessons will drive home important life lessons that will help you stay on the road to success”


— HC Joe Raymond, Author of Embracing Change From the Inside Out



“Jim Jacobs' passion for teaching others is evident in the way he instructs. He produces personal growth and a desire to improve. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn and grow from Jim's compassion and knowledge and this will always be with me.”


— Michael Oliver, LCSW, Chicago, Illinois



"In this world of high speeds, traffic jams, and rush hours, Driving Lessons is a breath of fresh air. Jim gives fun and refreshing stories to help you better live your life, find your truth, and be happier."

— Nicole Gabriel, Author of Finding Your Inner Truth

Maui, Hawaii



“Jim is not only an engaging speaker but a thoughtful and thought-provoking one as well.  He is sensitive to the needs of the group and is always well prepared so that he may present information that is useful, meaningful, and applicable to daily life”


— Melissa Aschenbrenner, LCSW, Be of Good

Cheer Services, Brighton, Colorado



"Driving Lessons teaches what you need to know to better navigate all the roads of life. It is perfect for the coffee table, the toilet, listening to on your commute or bus ride, or giving as gifts to others. Get ready for an exciting drive!"

— Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of

Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur Maui, Hawaii



"Jim Jacobs is a talented, wise, intuitive, intelligent, empowering, effective instructor.  He leads by example, and practices what he teaches."

— Michelle C. Evans, LCSW, Life Balance Revolution, Sacramento, California



“Anyone facing challenges in life will find themselves touched and uplifted by the insights and wisdom Jim Jacobs shares in this book! His candid and direct style, combined with both humor and compassion are a refreshing mix!”


— Emily Macfarlane, M.A., CLIMB Consultation Services, Mountain View, California



“Listening to Jim teach or present is always an engaging, insightful, and educational experience.  He has a gift for bringing to light complex and real life topics in a manner that is easily relatable and personable.  I leave his presentations filled spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  I discover such an abundance of information that I find myself returning to the ideas and imagery he offers, to ponder upon, repeatedly. Come prepared to capture priceless pearls of wisdom from Jim's insights and experiences, as you would to a heart to heart conversation with a good friend.”


— Caralee Frederic, LCSW, CGT, Colorado Springs, Colorado



 "Driving Lessons is not your typical self-help/change book.  Jim Jacobs takes the everyday experience you have behind the wheel of your car and turns it into compelling life lessons. After reading this memorable book, you'll have a new outlook on life each time you get on the road. Driving in your car will never feel the same."


– Debra A. Jason, M.A., author of Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget



"Over the past few years it has been my pleasure to know Jim R. Jacobs. He has been a speaker  workshops and firesides while I have served as a church leader. He is a wonderful speaker with the ability to keep a group engaged. I recommend him to any group who is looking for a dynamic presenter”

— James Jackson, Church Leader, Lakewood, Colorado



“If you have ever read the book "Man of Steel and Velvet", Jim Jacobs epitomizes this attribute.  He is gentle, kind, and strong.  His knowledge of people and how to deal with life is what makes him so successful.  I enjoy my conversations with Jim and learn a great deal from him.  I know that you will benefit greatly from reading this book.”


— Denise Cleverley, Church Leader, Westminster, Colorado



"Jim R. Jacobs takes a no nonsense approach to the variety of topics he presents.  He is compelling and intriguing in helping those who listen and hear his message want to apply his knowledge.

— Douglas R. Clawson, LCSW, Morrison, Colorado



“Jim Jacobs has amazingly fresh insight. The stories and analogies in Driving Lessons are spot-on and memorable. His sensitivity and caring demeanor shine through in all his writings. He's a sharp, witty, and relevant teacher who will have you hanging on every word.”


— Erin McClellan, Cross Roads Journal, Saratoga Springs, Utah



“Jim R. Jacobs has taught me things that will always stay with me and help me every day of my life.  He has an amazing, healthy way of re-framing trials and challenges and pain.”


— Tracy Barrand, MA LPC, Evergreen Colorado



“Jim is an INSPIRATION! He continues to make an impact on the people’s lives that he touches every day. He has a special gift to INSPIRE and EMPOWER people and audiences to live their lives with more purpose and more passion.”


— Teri Karjala, LPC, LMFT, Greenwood Village, Colorado



“Jim R Jacobs is a wonderful speaker with insights that allow us to liken his counsel to better our everyday lives.”


— Alan J. Toth, Denver, Colorado



“Jim Jacobs combines insight with skill, helping individuals and families overcome their roadblocks and reach their potential.”


— Paul Sigafus, LMFT, Colorado Counseling Center, Centennial, Colorado